El ciclo Phonorama propone una noche en la que se combinan conciertos en formato reducido de bandas independientes y sets de discos cuidadosamente seleccionados. Todos los viernes a partir de las 24hs en el lado B de Niceto Club.
lunes, 4 de diciembre de 2006
Playlist no-dj Andii Dieciseis (eh! music) @Phonorama, Estudio Abierto 29/11/06
Rockabye Baby! "Come As You Are" (Nirvana for Babies Cover)
The Gentle Waves "Emanuelle, Skating on Thin Ice"
Darkel "Some Men"
Coco Rosie + Antony "Beautiful Boyz"
Devendra Banhart "Heard Somebody Say"
Damien Jurado "Pink Moon" (Nick Drake Cover)
José González "Heartbeats" (The Knife Cover)
Joanna Newsom "Emily"
Tim Delaughter + The Polyphonic Spree "Scream & Shout"
Sufjan Stevens "Chicago" (A.C. Version)
We Are Scientists "Hoppípolla" (Sigur Ros Cover)
Elliot Smith "Let's Get Lost"
Big Star "Thirteen"
Adam Green "Jessica"
Bright Eyes "First Day of My Life"
Coiffeur "Buenos Recuerdos"
Isobel Campbell + Mark Lanegan "(Do You Wanna) Come Walk With Me?"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Diamond Sea" (Sonic Youth Cover)
The Clientele "K"
The Libertines "Music When The Lights Goes Out"
Mazzy Star "Fade Into You"
The Knife "Marble House" (PTR Remix)
Entre Ríos "Decime"
Styrofoam "Between The Bars" (Elliot Smith Cover)
The Postal Service "Nothing Better" (Styrofoam Remix)
Momus + Laila France "The Other Side of You" (Stereo Total Cover)
Lali Puna "Nim-Com-Pop"
Schneider TM "The Light 3000" (The Smiths Cover)
Bright Eyes "Gold Mine Gutted" (Hot Chip Remix)
Feist "Mushaboom" (The Postal Service Remix)
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